Register yourself to be a Tutoras educator to provide online lessons to students around the world. We need you to fill in all information below. Our system will automatically analyse the information and provide the most suitable job matching for you.

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Welcome to Tutoras!

Congratulations! You are taking the first step towards a meaningful career that allows you to provide quality teaching to children around the world. 

The first thing you’ll do is fill in the online form and submit your CV, the proofs of your educational qualification and work history to our system.

Fill out your personal information

You must have a bachelor’s degree and one year of teaching experience. You must also be a native English speaker. All teaching experience is valid, whether it be volunteer work or teaching in a traditional brick-and-mortar school. Even mentoring, tutoring and alternative education count so don’t leave anything out! Once you submit the form, Tutoras system will automatically generate your personal score that will help use assign suitable students to you as soon as possible. Bear in mind that all information you submitted is used to general your own score, therefore, what you score is what you provide.

Self-Introduction and Class Demo 

In this stage, you must prepare a 5 to a 7-minute clip where you introduce yourself, 2 minutes and choose a topic that you like for your selected student age between 3-15. Provide the link that can access to the video to us.

Information sessions will be arranged online and that will be led by highly-rated and experienced trainer teachers. After the meeting, you upload the rest of the required documents, sign their contract, and begin teaching! 

Welcome to Tutoras and go ahead and submit your application! We will guide you to start your new career step after step.

Frequently Asked Questions

How many students do I teach in each class?

All classes will range from one to four students, maximizing student-teacher interaction in order to provide a personal environment in which students get the undivided attention they need to progress.

Do I need to prepare teaching materials?

Nope, we have a strict curriculum to keep students learning effectively and efficiently. However, teachers can and must review the materials before the class starts. All class materials will be available in advance.

Do teachers need to communicate with parents?

No, the centralised system will handle that.

Can I apply if I don’t have a Bachelor’s degree?

We are very strict about the education level of our applicants and require you to have at least a Bachelor’s degree. We also insist on English being your mother tongue.

What is the application process like?

Fill in the online application form. Please submit your CV, certificates and any other proof as completely as possible. Our system will automatically generate a score that will enable us to screen your application faster based on how complete it is, meaning we can assign jobs to you more rapidly.

Do I need to sign a contract?

Yes, however, we only provide a contract to qualified applicants that demonstrate extraordinary teaching abilities.

Do teachers always teach the same students?

Teachers will teach any students who book their classes.

Do classes take place on Skype or another platform?

Tutoras has its own platform to facilitate the classes.

Why do I need to send a self-introductory demo?

The self-intro is very important because along with your qualifications, it helps us to evaluate whether you are a suitable team member to be able to teach online. It will also be a part of your personal profile to help students and parents find the best fit.

What do I need to display in the demo lesson?

The demo is expected to be between 3-5 mins. You will need to display you are able to explain activities to a beginner level students, how you are able to work with them to get complete answers, your ESL teaching skills and your time management.

How do I interview at Tutoras?

We only accept a recording of 2 mins for your self-intro and 5-7 min of your class demo. Instruction on how to record your interview can be found on the replying email.

What’s the salary range?

The range starts from USD 11.00 to USD 25.00 per hour. Payrate will be higher for those with relevant online teaching experience and educational qualifications.

What will I be evaluated on?

For your reference, here are some tips from our interviewers to help you prepare you Self-Introduction and Demo Class. (For the class demo, you may select a targeted age within 3-16 and a topic that is good for that age)



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